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Vertical Solar Street Lights

Vertical solar led street light is an innovation in 2019, compared with regular solar street light, it has a beautiful appearance with asthetic design. the complete pole is composed by 3 parts only including solar module, solar led light head and hot ganvanized pole.  

Model:30W 丨50W 丨60W 丨80W 丨100W
LED power: 30W~100W
Power of Solar cylinder module 100W~560W
Pole height 4 meters ~14 meters
Can be customized Yes
OEM Service Yes

Vertical Solar LED Street Light

Vertical solar led street light is an innovation in 2019, compared with regular solar street light, it has a beautiful appearance with asthetic design. the complete pole is composed by 3 parts only including solar module, solar led light head and hot ganvanized pole.  The installtion is very simple that the light head and solar modules are connected to each other by MC4 connectors which has a stable connection. Each vertical solar modules are mounted to pole easily to pole by 12pcs of screws. It has an much excellent wind resisant performance than regular solar led street light which has a big solar panel over the pole. Vertical solar led street light will be a big role in outdoor lighting in coming years.  2019 Philippines Sea Games project is one of sucessful  projects that Auroras already acomplished.

Project Photos

installaion of vertical solar led street light


     Vertical solar module should be mounted on pole on ground.

     2.  LIFT IT UP

     Life up the vertical solar led street light pole


     Solar module can be replaced / modified even it is installed. 

Videos of installation on Youtube

        1. How to connect vertical solar street light system         2. Process of mounting solar module to pole at site.         3. How to life up the solar street light pole

Detachable DesignThis solar cylinder module is based on modular design concept for easy installation and disassembly. It can be quickly and easily mounted on any suitable pole.
360° Full Day Charging
6 slim solar panels are fixed tightly on a hexagon frame. so it ensures 50% of solar panel will face to sunshine at any time of the day. Solar cell efficiency is up to 21.2%.

Better Wind Resistance

The cylindrical design reduces the wind resistance area, and each module is directly fastened to the pole by 12 screws for better wind resistance. It can stand well against even 10 grade typhoon.


No Snow Covering

Solar cylinder modular mounted in vertical is not easy to be covered by snow as regular solar panel. Ensure enough power can be generated even in very challenge climate. Never worry black out.

More Convenient to Clean

Much less dust will fall on surface than regular solar panel. Worker can clean it easily standing on ground with taking a long handle brush. no need lift. higher working efficiency and less maintain cost.

Aesthetic Appearance

Comparing with regular solar panel.Solar cylinder has a more esthetic appearance. Solar cylinder and the light poles are integrated very well . Making the city and road more beautiful and more modern.

You may ask

  • 1.What type of solar cell do you use for solar cylinder module?

    The solar cell is MONO in PERC technology, It has a higher power and efficiency than regular solar cell. Instead of flexiable solar cylindrical tube using Sunpower cell or other technology, Auroras's SolarWrap is much cheaper and it is more reasonable to be used for bulk order for projects.
  • 2.Can i order a sample to test? And how soon will you send it?

    Cylindrical solar module is a very popular products since Feb of 2019, Every day we are producing it, Even you only need 1 or 2 pcs, We can arrange immedately and send to you in time. Normally we only 2~3 days to send once we get your payment information.
  • 3.Can i purchase your cylindrical solar module only without light or pole?

    The answer is positive, Auroras is willing to provide only solar cylinder module as a seperate product. you can use it for your own way for other application.  There are two models availble . One is 100W and the other is 140W.  We can customize the power if you a different size. MOQ is 50 Units.
  • 4.What is the max power of solar cylinder module

    The max power of cylinder solar module is 140W. But you can get much higher power as you need. Each solar cylinder module has two pairs of MC4 connectors, one pair is for input, the other pair is output.   With 100W and 140W options, you can easily get 200W, 280W 300W,420W,560W etc in series connection. Every two modules are connected by MC4 universal plugs. The connection is very simple but very strong and tight. Solar cable is 2.5mm2  Max 6pcs can be connected in one group.
  • 5.Do you provide OEM service

    Yes, Auroras believe the fastest and the most efficienct way is to cooperate with all greatest customers based OEM business. With that Auroras is able to provide a good products under the customers' reputation which is impossible to be build up with short time.   So Auroras prefer to use your ready marketing channels and just let auroras's products running there. OEM are welcomed. :)
  • 6.Can i connect 3~5 cylinder panel in series connection

    Yes, Each solar cylinder panel has input and output cables with MC4 plugs, you can connect 2~5 modules in series connection to get higher power depending on lighting power consumption. Please note you must use the MC4 adapters between every 2 modules.



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