Advantage & Disadvantage of All in One LED Street Light

Integrated all in one solar street light has become as an important role of outdoor lighting. It is getting more and more popular recent years. While Is it suitable for all demand and have good performance in all over the regions? which kind of solar light should you use? That is a good question!

Advantage of All In One Solar LED Street Light

The main reason why it gets more popular is for its compact design. The lithium battery and solar controller are built inside of light fixture, and solar panel are attached on the top of fixture. It is very easy to be installed at any places as long as there is sunshine. Can be installed on wall, kind of poles, or any other matersial which can be mounted. It is an very good choice to use this solar light to light up night for the places where is out or short of electricity. Normally there is a motion sensor which is in order to save power consumption: Light will work at 30% power when there is nobody and sensor is not triggered, and it will power up to 100% power which will last 20 ~60 seconds as program sets once sensor is triggered when someone passes by. AIO (All in one solar) street light is very suitable to be used for these countries or regions where there is plenty of sunshine all over the year, like most of middle east countries, South America, South Africa and some Asia countries. 

Disadvantage of All In One Solar LED Street Light

A coin has two sides. There are some disadvantages because of the compact all in one design.


The solar panel is locked tightly in the light fixture. so it cannot be modified easily to have a higher power in order to improve its lighiting performance. At moment on market, the solar panel is kind of too small comparing with its LED light power. For example, the LED power is 30W as rated power while the solar panel is only 40W or 45W. As we know the effective sunshine duration is only 5 hours around on average on the world. That will cause the problem that  there is not enough power generated from solar panel to support led light to work with high power output for long time continuesly.Because of this reason, It is necessary to use the motion sensor for all models of such all in one solar street light in order to save energy.  

(How to calculate the the power relation between solar panel and led light? check here.)  


Because of all in one design, the solar light is completely fixed on the top of light. it cannot be adjusted its angle or direction, That will cause two problems as below.

1: Solar panel of all in one model cannot be rotated to meet the best direction to make use of sunshine as efficient as possible. From the comparing picture as below, we can see there is NO any problem if we use HELIOS model, HELIOS's solar panel can  be adjusted very easily and freely.

All in One Solar LED Street Light All in TWO Solar LED Street Light

2Solar panel of all in one solar street light can not be adjusted in .As we know, the solar panel horizontal direction should be different based on different latitude, normally it is 0 degress to 45 degress, With proper angle to sun, it will get the max using  efficiency of solar panel, from below pictures show, solar panel of all in one type is not able to be adjusted as the flexibility of Helios all in two solar street light.

Comparing on different  latitude

All in One Solar LED Street Light All in TWO Solar LED Street Light

We can tell from above comparation,  all in one solar street light is not an ideal even we can call "bad" choice if use it in such short-sunshine regions like England , Canada, Russia,etc.  All in one solar street light is an good productsf for general application, but it also  has many limitation. So we suggest that clients can choose the right solar street light accordingly. Auroras are producing rich models of solar light that you can choose from to meet all kind of outdoor solar lighting. Welcome to contact us

What is solar led batten light kit?

Solar led batten light is the pioneer model comparing with the normal solar powered tube light, widely used in many applications, such as office, home, garage, caravan, carports, bus stations, warehouses, camping tents, kinds of shelves,  farm tents, sideways, emergency camps, aid tents, temporary or permanent caves, or any kinds of sheds of paths, etc.

Solar led batten light is a kit that contains everything, like rechargeable lithium battery, solar controller, solar panel. Easy installation in less than 15 minutes, you just need to plug solar panel into the light by DC connector.  It provides a high brighttness for long time continuous lighting output, and inbuilt PIR sensor can save power if sunshine is not strong enough.  This solar led batten light is also supported  to work during day time while being charged, under manual operation. By programming the remote control, you can increase or decrease the brightness as you like,  there are 2 hours, 4 hours and 6 hours for optional.  Pressing the button on light, you will find  out 3 lighting modes , brightness and time can be set easily by remote control.

One 5V USB output was added to charge your mobile, What's more , an external switch is allowed to be connected to this light via a DC port.  The ON / OFF and brightness can be operated by hand just like the traditional lights. This is a very useful advantage for the applications which need to do the lighting operation by hand instead of automatic.  It is a perfect lighting solution for the remote area where is lack of power and lighting.

What is the core factor for solar led street light?

From recent years, solar led street light is becoming more and more important and its demand has been increased a lot.  There are more and more factories who start to product solar street light, There are various models of solar lights with different specification, and main problem is there is not a very clear standard of quality or specification to refer to.


So, how to compare the quality of different solar street lights and choose the right one for your project? What is the biggest concern that you need to focus when you compare?  Our answer is light efficiency.

 Comparison of All in One and All in Two Solar LED Street Light

 solar light for street

A: 50W Solar LED Street Light

LED Quantity: 60Pcs  Battery 600WH   Solar Panel: 80W

B: 100W Solar LED Street Light

LED Quantity: 240Pcs  Battery 900WH   Solar Panel: 150W


Such two solar lights are both called “500W” while the efficiency is much different, All in one solar led street light is only working in 50% power actually, and its efficiency is about 3000lm~4000lm in energy saving mode. But B type with 240pcs led, our model can work well with 100% power and lumens is 8000lm. It is more than doubled than normal all in one solar led street light.


Auroras’s quality policy is to provide high lumens solar products for commercial lighting project, our latest model THOR are able to reach 160lm/w practically, 50W of THOR is able to provide 8000lm, that means THOR 50W is equal to normal 90W-100W models of normal solar led street light, This makes our solar light offer is very competitive than offering a higher power consumption solar light. Lower power , it means request smaller size battery and smaller size solar panel,  so it reduce cost of whole project greatly. It will be much easier for end customer to accept an offer like this.  Because the budget is there all the time


So when you select the solar lights for project application, lumens efficiency per watt is the most important concern , not the power led LED. We provides solar led street light from 2000lm to 18000lm as full range of solar lighting powers as optional.


We will reply to you within 24 hours once we get  your inquiry.

Why we say there are some the fake data of solar light?

As a manufacturer of solar light, sometime we are really speechless when some customer ask many questions like below:

1. Why your 30W only has 4200lm , but other supplier they can offer 30w with 5000lm!
2: Why your solar led batten light is so expensive?
3: Why your all in one solar street light is much expensive than another supplier?

Many many customers asked such questions, especially some customers are very new to solar lights, As we know the competition of convential AC solar light is very bad, and very less profit for most of customers.  Auroras is able to provide you good quality of solar led flood light, solar led street light and solar led batten light. So now we can see there are more and more customers start to engage into solar light.As far as we know. in our opinion, solar light is a very "deep" water products. before you start to try solar light, we suggest you should learn about these basic acknowleage about solar. and should know how to tell the quality and the specification from the supplier's data sheet. Until now, we have met many catalog or quotations sheet with very " amazing "data sheet which is very hard for us to believe. 

For example, The data sheet for below solar light is 

--Solar Panel: 20W 18V
--Battery: 15AH
--led power: 20W
--Luminous Flux: 3000lm
--Automony:2~3 days

but our all in two solar led light, 30W we have 30AH 12V battery ,and 80W solar led panel. What is your idea when you see this data? from what it says, this light is very nice, and the price is also good, and you then maybe go to calculate the project quantity or expected their light performance as they say...When you receive the light, and you install there, the lumens you will say: wow, it is great, then you feel satisfied.. We must confess this is workable for some customers, especially for pravate customers who only expect it as a " decoration". Let's study above data in a professional way. About the battery. it does not mention the voltage. it maybe 3.7V 15A or 11.1V 15A. , btweeen these two data there are big difference. 3.7V 15A battery, it means the battery capacity is only 3.7*15=55.5WH, the power of this light is 20W, that means the light will only work 55.5WH/20W = 2.5 Hours with 100% power output.. so this light will work only in energy saving mode. it is 30% power only,means normally the power led light is only 5W or 6W only.So you may ask: What about lumens 3000lm? Their answer is: when the light is working with 100%, the lumens can reach 3000lm. Yes, they are right, but they will not tell you , such power only last 20 seconds, or 1 mins max!. and even you should accept the real answer is: 3000lm is only the max lumens of LED chip. CHIP, not complete light. There is big difference.  That means the real lumens output will be only 2500lm around in a positive calculation.

 Just now we talked about the battery, 3.7V, of course, they may use 6.4V 15AH, it should work well. But as a customer, you should know what you pay for. you are paying for A Audi Q5 or a cheap model. So it is very important to choose a good supplier to make solar led street light or  all in one solar led batten for you in a good and professional way.

Thanks for your time to read this, i need to rush for dinner.?
Please let me know if you have any suggestion or advice or dispute.. welcome.

How to install solar LED street Light

Some Mistakes When Installing Solar Street Light

Do you receive such feedback from clients? The solar street light doesn’t work. Or the lamp only can work 2~3 hours each night. What happen to these solar street lights? Except the reason of parts that broken down, here are some mistakes when installing solar street light which may cause such matters too.

Some front-line installation person don’t have much knowledge & technology of solar street light, then install the solar street light at their own sweet will. In this case, sometimes solar street light can not charge or can’t get full charging. 

1、The solar panel is installed under/near some obstructions.
Such as some wires, tree branch, lamp pole or others,  that cause some shadow on the solar panel at daytime. Usually, the solar cells are multi series-wound. If there is one shadow on one series of solar cell, and the shadow is deep, then the circuit of this series is broken. At last affects the solar panel to absorb sunlight and shorter the working time of solar lamp.

2、The solar street light is installed near other lamps. 
As night fell, another lamp turn on, solar street light will detect the light source and misunderstand itself is on daylight, so the controller won’t let the light lit up. The reason is the charging voltage of solar panel always is higher than than the voltage point of light-control, so the solar street light can not turn on. So should not install solar street light near a workable lamp or should turn off other lamps like the following picture.

3、The solar lights are installed on both sides of the road, but the solar panel is face to face or back to back.
For symmetry and looks good, some installation person will adjust the solar panels of two sides with an opposite directions, for example one side is in the face the east, another side is in the face of the west. If one side is correct, that means another side is wrong. And then the solar panels in wrong direction can not get more direct sunlight, thus the charging efficiency become lower.

4、The angle of solar panel is unsuitable that cause low charging efficiency.     
The principle of adjusting angle of solar panel should be: let the sunshine direct radiate on the solar panel as much as possible, in this way the charging efficiency is the maximum. 
When adjusting the the angle of solar pane, should take the local latitude into consideration. There is a quick way in most cases, what the latitude is, what the horizontal angle of solar panel is. But still should concretely analyse different situation. On the whole, the angle of solar panel is very important too.

5、Solar panel is charging indoor.
Some client will install the solar lights into the warehouse or parking lot as well as solar panel. That is inexpedient. Under such circumstances, should put the solar panel in outdoor to get full charging. That need to install the solar light and solar panel separately. 

6、Lengthen the cable of solar panel at random.
There are maybe some obstructions or interference, thus some people will install the solar panel on a position that is far away from solar light, such as 20 meters. And they use normal two-core cables to connect it. Since the quality of normal cables on the market is not very good, while the distance of installation is long, there will have big power loss, finally affects the lighting effect and working time of solar light.

7、Use the remote control incorrectly.
Some remote controls have simple functions while some have complex and diverse functions. According to some feedback, some installation person or end customer don’t know the operation of remote control, but press the button carelessly that caused parameter setting error. So the solar light don’t work. 

8、Use the right power of solar panel matching to lamp,
For moment, there is not standard for solar light on market. basically we suggest to use 100W solar panel if you are using 50W led light. if you only use 60W or 70W solar panel, that will make the power generated from solar panel not enough to support led light consumption.

In conclusion, when installing all solar lights, should read the manual or installation guide carefully and get more opinion from professional person in order to avoid some mistakes or irreparable error.

From: Shirley Jiang 
Auroras Innotech GuangDong Co., Ltd

How to calculate the power concumption of solar light?

There are many types of solar light on market like solar street light, all in one solar led batten light, or solar flood light.It is same way to calculate the power. While most of clients do not know how to judge whether the battery is matching with the lighting power consumption or not, then only can rely on the answer from salesman of suppliers. What's more, there is many salesman who answer clients' answer too facilely just in order to sell their products to client asap which causes a lot of compliant finally.  

For example. for same power 30W solar led street light, why does some solar street light have battery 20AH, but why other all in one solar street light have 16AH? what makes the difference? which one suits your requests more?  Let's learn it today.

First quetions is:  

How can i know the power consumption of your solar led batten light?  or solar led flood light per night? 

 Let's take Helios all in two 30W solar led street light as example. So you will know how to decide it.

As the default setting, HELIOS 30W is working with 100% power for first 6 hours and 50% power for next 6 hours without sensor. Then theoretically the power consumption per night is :

30W*6H +30W*50%*6H = 270WH,

and we need to include the power consumption of system, it is about 5% around. so we can get the total consumption roughly is 270WH*(1+5%)=283.5WH.

That means only the power of battery capacity is more than 283.5WH, the light will work as the default setting, or the light will stop working earlier. How to choose and calculate the right battery capacity? Based on above calculation, the power consumption is 283.5WH, normally the system for 30W is 12V for the battery. So the battery capacity should be: 


As we know the D.O.D (Depth of Discharge) of lead acid battery is 60-70% , so if this all in two solar led street light is using lead acid battery, the capacity should be: 12V  40AH (24/0.6=40). If lithium battery with D.O.D 100%, the battery capacity should be 12V 24AH. Normally Auroras always put more capacity as backup in order to extend lifetime of battery.  So when the power is 30W, Auroras is using 36AH battery. In above example, if the lighting mode is 50% power for 12 hours with sensor function, the power consumption will be much less.  As long as we know how to calculate it, we will know whether the specification is reasonable or not. So we need to choose the right battery capacity based on light consumption. No need to rely on supplier's description. 

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