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solar flood light with motion sensor
  • solar flood light with motion sensor
  • motion sensor solar flood light
  • solar flood light with sensor
  • solar powered flood light
  • solar flood light for garden

2480lm 丨3280lm Solar LED Flood Light

AI-V2200lm is a great solar flood light with ultra high brightness output and radar motion sensor built inside of light fixture,  Different lighting programs can be selected by remote control for a specified application.  Customer can use select a suitable lighting program depending on the specifed applications. It adopts 6pcs of lifePO4 32700 as big battery pack with 2-3 days backup.
Model:VENUS V6丨V8
Model V6 V8
Luminous flux (lm) >2,480lm >3,280lm
Battery pack 6.4V 115WH 6.4V 154WH
Solar panel 10V 35W 10V 50W
Motion sensor Optional
VENUS 2480lm / 3280lm Solar LED Flood Light Kit for Distribution

Solar LED Flood light is an important role for outdoor solar lighting, while almost 90% of solar flood light on markets are made of low quality materials and components, and many clients are fed up of tired of these low quality solar flood lights. Obviously there are big demands from market to have a real high quality solar flood light which can satisfy customers in every aspect which includes finishing, appearance design, cable, brightness,screws, lighting duration, packing etc.

VENUS solar flood light are specially developed for this purpose with its initial position to provide stable quality to premium markets. VENUS is equipped with brand new high quality  lifePO4 battery and using the most ultra high luminous LED chip after comparing couples of LEDs from different LED chip suppliers.The  lighting power and duration are adjustable by 2.4G remote control. What's more, microwave motion sensor is equipped which makes light to work in two different lighting programs as user need. VENUS solar flood light is the ideal product for you to expand your solar lighting business in 2021. OEM are welcomed.


Model number V2-Std / V2-Pro V4-Std / V4-Pro V6-Std / V6-Pro V8-Std / V8-Pro
LED power 4.5±0.5 Watts 7.5±0.6 Watts 12.5±0.8 Watts
15±1.0 Watts
LED chips SMD 2835 54pcs SMD 2835 108pcs SMD 2835 192pcs
SMD 2835 192pcs
Luminous flux(lm)
880lm max 1,680lm max 2,480lm max
3,280lm max
Battery capacity 6.4V 38.4WH 6.4V 76.8WH 6.4V 115WH
6.4V 154WH
Light fixture size 240*168*52mm
Solar Panel 12 Watts 10V 25 Watts 10V 35 Watts 10V
50 Watts 10V
Cell of solar panel Polycrystalline silicon

Connection cable 5 meters 0.75mm2

Operating temperature -30℃~+70℃ -

Remote control PIR / 2.4G optional

Motion sensor NA / Microwave

Discharge time >15 hours

Charge time
5 hours

Weather proof rate IP65

Certificates CE, ROHS CB

Warranty 2 Years

Key Components & Advantages
Materials in Package

Qty/Carton : 4 Sets
Carton Size : 55x32x38cm
N.W: 18.50 Kg
G.W: 20.50 Kg

Projects Cases
Midia Center | Iraq
Billboard Light @ Sri Lanka
Villa @ Iraq
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You may ask

  • 1.What is lifepo4 batteries?

    LiFePO4 stands for Lithium Iron Phosphate, this is the chemistry of our 12 volt lithium batteries. This is the safest, toughest and most cost effective form of lithium battery available today. These types of batteries are also called LFP batteries.
  • 2.Do you provide OEM service

    Yes, Auroras believe the fastest and the most efficienct way is to cooperate with all greatest customers based OEM business. With that Auroras is able to provide a good products under the customers' reputation which is impossible to be build up with short time.   So Auroras prefer to use your ready marketing channels and just let auroras's products running there. OEM are welcomed. :)
  • 3.What is MOQ if i want to print my own color box?

    For solar tube light kit ( or we call solar led batten light kit), we need MOQ 500pcs / order. Because every order of color box need to be 1000pcs that we have to print from our packing suppliers. If quantity is less than 500pcs, then there will be a extra cost 350usd for extra color box that you are supposed to pay as a "deposit", then next time for second order when total quantity reaches to 500pcs, we will refund this 350usd to you in time 
  • 4.Can i extend the adapter cable to 10M from 5m?

    Yes,  From the solar panel to solar light body, we normally use 5 meters, we can extend it to 10M as your requirement, the extra cost is 2usd more, and MOQ is 200pcs per order.



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