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Dual CCT Solar Pedestrian Light

Athena is the most beautiful and perfect solar light for your garden. It is designed especially for the markets where require very high quality guaranteed and high-quality lighting performance. It strengthens customers' product competition power and to be more unique and quality guaranteed. Three years warranty is offered.
Model:ATHENA 丨 AI-GL600R
LED Power 18W max
Luminous Efficiency >2,800lm
Monocrystalline PV 42W 18V
Battery Pack 12.8V 154WH
Warranty 3 Years
ATHENA Solar LED Garden Light 丨 CCT & Power Adjustable

Our backyards and gardens are places of relaxation and close to our heart, and with the same passion, we present Athena as the most advanced solar garden light for your nature-friendly living.

Athena solar garden light eficiently illuminates your recreational living areas, gardens, and pathways with 360-degree beam, glare-free lighting in solar energy, and stand-alone off-grid functioning. Athena is aesthetically designed for comfortable living but elegant styling suitable for home and hospitality applications with zero operational costs. Designed with a simplified cosmetic appearance,  High-efficiency 42W solar panel and MPPT solar charge controllers are adopted to ensure suficient electrical power could be generated every day to ensure the luminaire work stably without blackout all year round. With the built-in lighting programs, the lighting power and working time could be easily adjusted as required via the remote control. The light can also work in motion detecting mode which will help to save more energy.

Key Components & Advantages
Model number ATHENA  AI-GL600R
LED engine SMD3030 168Pcs 1W/LED
LED rated power
Luminous flux(lm)
Color termpature
3000K+4000K  or 3000K+6000K
Beam angle 360° symmetrical distribution
Mono solar panel 42W 18V
Solar controller MPPT  >96% ------------------------
LifePO4 battery
12.8V 154WH
Charging time
4.5 hours
Discharging time
>20 hours
Battery lifetime >3000 cycles (D.O.D 70%)
Battery autonomy 2~3 days
Working temp. -15℃ ~ +70℃
Working mode
constant power output or motion sensor optional
IP rating IP65
Certificates CE ROHS LM80 CB
Internal Structure



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