• How to calculate the power concumption of solar light?

    For same power 30W solar led street light, why does some solar street light have battery 20AH, but why other all in one solar street light have 10AH? what makes the difference? which one suits your requests more? Details>>

    May 05 2017
    By Wayne Tseng
  • Advantage & Disadvantage of All in One LED Street Light

    Integrated all in one solar street light has become as an important role of outdoor lighting.Does it suit everyone's demand and to have good performance in all over the regions? Details>>

    March 31 2018
    By Wayne Teng
  • Why we say there are some the fake data of solar light?

    As a manufacturer of solar light, sometime we are really speechless when some customer ask many questions like below.:1. Why your 30W only has 4200lm , but other supplier they can offer 30w with 5000lm! Details>>

    May 18 2018
    By Wayne Teng
  • How to install solar LED street Light

    Do you receive such feedback from clients? The solar street light doesn’t work. Or the lamp only can work 2~3 hours each night. What happen to these solar street lights? Except the reason of parts that broken down, here are some mistakes when installing solar street light which may cause such matters too. Details>>

    June 01 2018
    By Shirley Jiang
  • What is the core factor for solar led street light?

    Which factor of solar led street light is most important when we select it? the power of LED or lumens efficiency? or the solar panel? And how we improve the lumens per watt?Details>>

    July 16 2018
    By Wayne Teng
  • What is solar led batten light kit?

    Solar batten light kit is an very perfect lighting fixture for the area where is lack of power for lighting or need power up your mobile. very easy for operate and high brightness.Details>>

    September 15 2018
    By Wayne Teng
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