• The influence of plastic qualities on outdoor lamps.

    How to tell the difference of plastics? what will the difference look like after exposure in sunlight for one year?

    July 03 2021
    By Wayne Tseng
  • How to calculate the power of solar light?

    Many customers do not understand the parameters of solar lights at the beginning, finally customers spend a lot of money and effort on the wrong products. And lose their very important customers' trust because of the low-quality

    June 25 2021
    By Wayne Tseng
  • Some view about vertical solar led street light

    Vertical solar led street light is a new solar lighting concept for street lighting. Because of its outstanding features, it is becoming more and more popular since 2019 especially in middle east countries

    June 19 2021
    By Wayne Tseng
  • What is cylindrical led solar led street light

    ( Cylinder) Cylindrical solar street light is an great innovation in 2019, 6 slim solar panels are fixed on a hexagonal cylinder aluminum frame. It has a much stronger performance in wind resistant. and it makes the complete solar pole more beautiful than regular solar panel. Auroras's cylinder solar panel is a modular panel which can meet different power as requested.

    January 20 2019
    By Wayne Teng
  • Differents of 3 types of solar led street light system

    As we know there are 3 types of system all-in one,split and semi split systems. So what are the difference of these different models? how to choose the suitable model for your project?

    December 22 2018
    By Wayne Tseng

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