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All In Two Solar Batten Light
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High Power Solar LED Batten Light

Apollo solar led batten light or you can all it solar led shade light is dedicated to providing a super high brightness and long time working performance.  The lighting power and time can be easily programmed by remote as you need aoccording to any kind of application. IP67 and IK10 standard.
Dimension 92*84*600mm 92*84*600mm
Rated Power 12W 18W
Efficiency 1,500lm 2,200lm
Battery 144WH 216WH
Fixture Rate IK10 IP67 IK10 IP67
Apollo Solar LED Batten Light12 | 18 | 24 | 36  Watts

APOLLO solar batten light is adapted from our most successful 4G Led Street Light built on the same platform, It is good answer to a vast solar lighting applications in urban and rural living. Llithium battery and high charging efficiency solar controller are built inside of light. Ultra high brightness led are used, it reaches high lumens output up to 130lm/Watt. IP67 weather proof lighting fixture with the PC fixture, it can be perfectly used for outdoor lighting, as garage , warehouse, caravan, carport, refugee tents, camping tent, caves, mines etc.

The easy MC4 plug in set up makes the light extremely easy for installation and portability. Distance from solar panel to light is up to 30 meters, it makes installation very flexiable. Built with high quality components,APOLLO solar batten light ( You can also call it as solar carport light or solar tri proof light ) can meet project requirements as well in any challenging environments. APOLLO batten light is able from 12 watts to 48 watts.

Model NO. Rate Power Dimension Luminous Flux(lm) Controller Li-Lion Battery Solar Panel Charge Time IP Rate Warranty
AI-X1500 12W 92*84*600mm 1500lm(6000K) PWM 144WH 12V 18V 40W 5 Hours IP67 2 Years
AI-X2200 18W 92*84*600mm 2200lm(6000K) PWM 216WH 12V 18V 50W 5 Hours IP67 2 Years
AI-X3000 24W 92*84*900mm 3000lm(6000K) MPPT 288WH 12V 18V 60W 5 Hours IP67 2 Years
AI-X4200 36W 92*84*900mm 4200lm(6000K) MPPT 396WH 12V 18V 80W 5 Hours IP67 2 Years
AI-X5500 48W 92*84*1200mm 5500lm(6000K) MPPT 528WH 12V 18V 100W 5 Hours IP67 2 Years
Magic Remote Controller Manual It is specially developed for solar batten light, allowing user to set the power as 20%,40%,60% and 100% freely, and change the lighting time from 1 hour to 12 hours easily.there are 4 different lighting modes built-in, User can set a lighting mode directly , and press the button of time zone to set time.Also, this remote also support light to work in day time even if the light is charged by solar panel.It makes the light to work in indoor lighting perfectly.
Better Induction Performance Microwave (radar) sensor is built in. Comparing with PIR sensor, it can be triggered in a wider angle and longer distance. Ensuring light get ON or brighter immediately without any delay.
72 Variable Lighting Modes With 72 different lighting modes built-in, Setting a customized lighting mode is pretty by remote. Energy saving and constant lighting modes are switchable freely. What’s more lighting brightness and duration can be set seperately.
Uniform Lighting Distribution Using 0.2W SMD led chips as 0.1W only, drived by lower current, More than 130lm/watt pratically allows less power achieves higher effciency than low market solar lights.
IP67 Weatherproof Fixture Complete plastic material external housing,with aluminium bar inside for more efficent heat dissipation, perfectly designed for indoor or outdoor applications. Dust or moisture never goes inside.

All In Two Solar Bus Station Light in Germany.
Solar Panel: 50W
LED Light: 18W.
MPPT Controller with motion sensor.

With motion senor to saving energy.

Installation is on Statale 11 - Via Novara - c/o Bareggio - Milano - Italy - executors TeeSo - Tecnologie e Soluzioni.
Light Model : AI-X2200-12H.
Solar Panel: 60W 18V.

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You may ask

  • 1.Can the the battery capacity increased?

    The max power of battery for THOR is 2160WH with NCM battery and 680WH battery for HELIOS. ( Until 2019.06.01). If you like to use 20W solar street light , but you think 24AH 12V battery is not big enough, then we can use 40AH 12V or 50AH 12V as big as you need. In this way, the biggest advantages of using bigger battery is the lifetime of light will be much extended for more years. And it will have a much better battery autonomy. It can work well  continuesly in rainy days.  This is same for all solar led street light and solar batten lights.
  • 2.Do you provide OEM service

    Yes, Auroras believe the fastest and the most efficienct way is to cooperate with all greatest customers based OEM business. With that Auroras is able to provide a good products under the customers' reputation which is impossible to be build up with short time.   So Auroras prefer to use your ready marketing channels and just let auroras's products running there. OEM are welcomed. :)
  • 3.What is MOQ if i want to print my own color box?

    For solar tube light kit ( or we call solar led batten light kit), we need MOQ 500pcs / order. Because every order of color box need to be 1000pcs that we have to print from our packing suppliers. If quantity is less than 500pcs, then there will be a extra cost 350usd for extra color box that you are supposed to pay as a "deposit", then next time for second order when total quantity reaches to 500pcs, we will refund this 350usd to you in time 



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