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  • iecee cb saber All In One Solar Street Light
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  • all in two solar led street light
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All in Two Solar LED Street Light (5~8M)

HELIOS all in two smart solar led street light is the most classic model in past years, it adopts LifePO4 battery pack,MPPT charge controller and ultra brightness  Lumileds chip,  HELIOS is designed for continoues long time and high brightness output with lighting program 6 hours 100% power and 6 hours 50%. Any solar panel can be plugged in directly with MC4 connects. Good for on 6-8M poles. Approved by CB, IECEE, SABER etc

Model:HELIOS 20W丨30W丨50W
Rated Power 30W 50W
LED SMD3030 72nos 90nos
Luminous Flux(lm) >4,200lm >6,500lm
LifePO4 Battery 307WH 460WH
Solar Panel 80W 18V 120W 18V
Pole Height 6 meters 8 meters
HELIOS All In Two Solar LED Street Light

HELIOS series as the pioneer model of high power all in two solar led street light in 2016,  it is an integrated solar street Light combined ultra brightness Philips LED source, intelligent programable MPPT controller and lifePO4 battery pack, all these components are integrated inside of the light fixture, Solar light head are connected to solar panel by universal MC4 plugs.

The big capacity LifePO4 battery pack is adopted, and it could work continuously with high power because the solar panel is separated from the light head,  then the customer can choose a suitable power of solar panel according to their local solar radiation to ensure enough power can be generated daily to meet the power consumption of light.  for example, for the same 50W light, the solar panel used in Saudi will be 80W only, while it should be 120W or 150W in Europe. The lighting program can be modified by the remote easily so that more energy could be saved so the lifetime of the battery will be extended greatly with less depth of discharge. It is CB, IECEE approved.

Key Components & Advantages
LED engine 48nos 1W SMD3030 72nos 1W SMD3030 90nos 1W SMD3030
LED rated power
20W±5% 30W±5% 50W±5%
Luminous flux(lm)
>2,800lm >4,200lm >6,500lm
Color termpature
5500K~6000K 5500K~6000K 5500K~6000K
Regular solar panel 50W 18V 80W 18V 120W 36V
Vertical solar panel 1pcs Q140 18V 2pcs Q100 18V 2pcs Q140 18V
LifePO4 battery
12.8V 230WH 12.8V 307WH 12.8V 460WH
Charging time
5 hours

Discharging time
>20 hours
Battery lifetime DOD 100% >2000 cycles
Battery autonomy 2~3 days
Working temp. -15℃ ~ +70℃
Working mode
6h 100% + 6h 50% sensor

IP rating IP65
Certificates CE ROHS IK08 LM79 CB

Internal Structure
Lighiting Distribution

As a always neglected component of solar  led lights by most of clients, but actually LED optics is a very important and critical element. Adopting the most suitable led optics, it will greatly improve the lighting efficiency with a limited condition by conducting the lighting to fall on the road without falling out of road and also creating more smootn and uniform lighting performance.  therefore, it may help to reduce the budget of project by installing less quantity of solar street light by increasing the distance between poles and reduce the power of LED light head.

THOR solar street lights is adopting the quality LED optics from LEDil who is the most famous in the world. There are  from. According the condition of your project, The most suitable LED optics can be selected from more than 20 models..

Projects Cases
Jousieh border in Syria
Residential | NEGIRIA
Street Lighting@Sri Lanka
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You may ask

  • 1.What is the lifetime of battery of helios or thor solar street light?

    As we know the lifetime of battery is limited as of our mobile. If battery is full charged, and you use it few times one day, then you only need to charge it again after two days. If you use it a lot, then you have to charge it one day or sooner. For Auroras's products, all battrey normally used for helios and thor series al in one solar led street light are NCM battery with lifetime up to 1000 cycles.     If you use 1 cycle one day, then the light will work well for 3 years without lighting performance compromised.   If we only use 50% of battery capcity, for example 30AH 12V (360WH), every day we only use 15AH 12V ( 130WH), then the light is supposed to work in good condition with a much longer lifetime up to 5~6 years.
  • 2.Can the the battery capacity increased?

    The max power of battery for THOR is 2160WH with NCM battery and 680WH battery for HELIOS. ( Until 2019.06.01). If you like to use 20W solar street light , but you think 24AH 12V battery is not big enough, then we can use 40AH 12V or 50AH 12V as big as you need. In this way, the biggest advantages of using bigger battery is the lifetime of light will be much extended for more years. And it will have a much better battery autonomy. It can work well  continuesly in rainy days.  This is same for all solar led street light and solar batten lights.
  • 3.Can i change the lighting program of solar street light even it is installed on pole?

    Yes, There is a remote available. With this remote, you can customize the lighting program as you need. Our default setting is 4 hours 100%+ 4 hours 50%+ 4 hours 30%, If you like to use 50% power only for whole night, then you can easily change it by remote. Any kind of lighting program is possible, Please contact our sales team or technical support for more guide if you need.
  • 4.Can i only purchase your solar light head only without solar panel

    Yes, The biggest advantage of Auroras's products is : FLEXIBLE.  We are happy to provide you light head only, and you can use your own solar panel in stock or source it from your local market. While important notice : Please use solar panel with right voltage, HELIOS series solar street light need 18V input, and THOR series high power all in one solar street light for express way is 36V system.  If you use 18V solar panel to charge THOR series, it will not work.
  • 5.What is your MOQ? Solar street lights or solar batten light?

    Auroras is a running well factory and every day there are thousands pcs of all kind of solar lights are produced, And normally there are materials ready in stock for hundreds pcs. So we never set a MOQ requirement for any models of lights. So you can start to try our quality easily. For samples order, we normally only need 1~3 days depends on your quantity and type of products. 
  • 6.Do you provide OEM service

    Yes, Auroras believe the fastest and the most efficienct way is to cooperate with all greatest customers based OEM business. With that Auroras is able to provide a good products under the customers' reputation which is impossible to be build up with short time.   So Auroras prefer to use your ready marketing channels and just let auroras's products running there. OEM are welcomed. :)



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