What is solar led batten light kit?

September 15 2018By Wayne Teng171

Solar led batten light is the pioneer model comparing with the normal solar powered tube light, widely used in many applications, such as office, home, garage, caravan, carports, bus stations, warehouses, camping tents, kinds of shelves,  farm tents, sideways, emergency camps, aid tents, temporary or permanent caves, or any kinds of sheds of paths, etc.

Solar led batten light is a kit that contains everything, like rechargeable lithium battery, solar controller, solar panel. Easy installation in less than 15 minutes, you just need to plug solar panel into the light by DC connector.  It provides a high brighttness for long time continuous lighting output, and inbuilt PIR sensor can save power if sunshine is not strong enough.  This solar led batten light is also supported  to work during day time while being charged, under manual operation. By programming the remote control, you can increase or decrease the brightness as you like,  there are 2 hours, 4 hours and 6 hours for optional.  Pressing the button on light, you will find  out 3 lighting modes , brightness and time can be set easily by remote control.

One 5V USB output was added to charge your mobile, What's more , an external switch is allowed to be connected to this light via a DC port.  The ON / OFF and brightness can be operated by hand just like the traditional lights. This is a very useful advantage for the applications which need to do the lighting operation by hand instead of automatic.  It is a perfect lighting solution for the remote area where is lack of power and lighting.

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