Installation @ Erbil

The Chinese Consulate General in Iraq donated to ERBIL City to install 200 sets of HERMES 80W solar street lights. The solar lights project is given to Iraq as a gift under the Belt and Road Initiative.  The quality of Hermes solar light has won strong praise and recognition from the Consulate General and the Iraqi government. The Consulate General will invite the Prime Minister, Mayor, and Governor of Iraq to participate in this project.  This is a big day for Auroras as the approval of auroras's quality and service.

After a few years of marketing in Iraq with high quality guaranteed, Sunlid solar is becoming the top solar lighting product supplier in Iraq. In August 2021, SUNLID install hundreds of 80W Hermes solar street lights in Erbil city.  The light is 80W and the solar panel is 180W. The height of the pole is 8m. The performance of lighting is very great and customers are more than happy. This is the pilot project in Erbil which will open a big door for street lighting in Iraq and rebuild up the confidence again and a new reputation of solar street light in Iraq where there are a lot of low-quality solar lights on the market.

Project Locations: Halabja Street. Erbil, Iraq. HERMES

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