@ Iraq
There are 20 pcs of 60w solar led street light HERMES installed on the high way in iraq.  Customers are more than surpised and satisfied with the superb high brightness of this all in two solar light heat.  The lights are dual heads and mounted on 9m high pole, the soalr panel is 150W, using 15A MPPT solar charge controller and 12.8V 48AH lifePO4 battery pack. it gives a very high lumens ouput and light is working with 100% power for first 6 hours and 6 hours with 50% power as full night operation.

Because there are only two lanes at each side of road, while the samples were adopting T3 LEDil optics, so there are a lot of light wasted falling out of road.   because those light was not supplied for this demon projects.  The specified LEDil optics for 2 lanes will be used when the project is confirmed.



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