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90W 100W All in One Solar Street Light

Unit price:1.00US$
Delivery time:10~15 working days

All in Two solar led street light series is an IP67 rechargeable solar street system  composed of MONO crystalline high performance panel, Built-in microwave sensor  and Lithium battery and high quality MPPT controller system. The most important advantage is solar panel can be increased to make sure enough power can be generated for every night use. It is an ideal solution for these areas where the sunshine is not stable or strong. It is a good solar light for most of European countries. It guarantees even in winter time there is continuouesly lighting.
This lighting fixtures contains solar light head and solar panel connected by 2.5MM2 cable with UNIVERSAL MC4 plugs. Distance from light to panel can reach to 30meters. It is a reliable and durable stand alone solar solution for sustainable street lighting , Car parking lighting, garden lighting etc ,perfect in arid, tropical and temperate environments.

Light Specifications can be customized as requested, OEM is welcomed.




Model Efficiency LED Power Battery(AH) Solar Panel Pole Height
AI-U24W 2,800lm 24W 12V 18AH 18V  50W 3 ~ 5M
AI-U48W 5,500lm 48W 12V 36AH 18V  80W 4 ~ 6M
AI-U72W 7,500lm 72W 12V 48AH 18V  100W 5 ~ 8M
AI-U90W 9,100lm 90W 12V 66AH 18V  120W 6 ~ 12M


Microwave (Radar) Sensor

Energy saving mode is adjustable by the remote controller easily with function of microwave sensor. Sensor performance is the best when the distance from sensor to moving people / object is with in 10meters. It can work within 12 meters max.

Comparing normal PIR sensor. All in Two solar street light with microwave sensor has a longer distance and wider sensitive angle than normal all in  one PIR solar street light.  It is trigerred more easily and react more quickly & immediately.

All in one solar street light and all in two solar street light as well as programmable with remote solar batten light are all developed by Auroras, Focusing on quality and best service, It will be Auroras's plesaure to cooperate with each customers who is interested in our products.
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