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36W/48W All in One Soalr LED Flood Light

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Delivery time:7~15 working days

What Is 36W 48W All in One Solar LED Flood Light?

All in Two solar led flood light series is an special solar lighting solution for the remote area. It is a perfect & ideal option for the billboard or any flood  lighting where the on-grid electricity cannot reach easily.  It is also an good alternative solution to replace normal flood light like metal halide type to save more  energy and cost. Without any maintainence for many years. It is an green, evergy-saving 100% and simple-installation solution comparing normal flood light. What's  more. with built-in battery and controller, customers only need to plug light to solar panel via universal MC4 plugs directly. it is a stable and quick installation  method. IP67 Weather proof,ideal solution for ourdoor using. It supports more than 12 hours full power lighting which can used for many emergency applications, like rescue or refugee tents or any portable lighting.
Adopting MPPT (Max Power Point Tracking) Control System, the battery is charged faster by 30% at least comparing normal PWM controller. This guarantees good lighting  for every night even if with a lower sunshine radiation in winter.No more worry about black out in most of European countries where sunshine is always weak. Seperated  solar panel can be increased according to local sunshine radiation. 
This lighting fixtures contains solar light head and solar panel connected by 2.5MM2 cable with UNIVERSAL MC4 plugs. Distance from light to panel can reach to  30meters. It is a reliable and durable stand alone solar lighting solution for sustainable billboard lighting ,Advertising board, Car parking lighting,Garden  lighting,Facade lighting, etc . Perfect in arid, tropical and temperate environments. Light Specifications can be customized as requested, OEM is welcomed.


Model Efficiency LED Power Battery(AH) Solar Panel Motion Sensor
AI-S24W 2,800lm 24W 12V 15AH 18V  50W Optional
AI-S48W 5,500lm 48W 12V 33AH 18V  80W Optional
AI-S72W 7,500lm 72W 12V 48AH 18V  100W Optional
AI-S90W 9,100lm 90W 12V 66AH 18V  120W Optioinal



All in one solar street light and all in two solar street light as well as programmable with remote solar batten light are all developed by Auroras, Focusing on quality and best service, It will be Auroras's plesaure to cooperate with each customers who is interested in our products.
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HELIOS solar led flood light is specially designed for the lighting area where is always short of power, or not so convenient to extend gird wires. for example for big parks, highwasy billboard, bridge, standing alone buildings, high level statue, etc. With 140x70degree beam angle. it is an so perfext choice to light billboard with best performance. and easy install, it will not break customers' budget. so cost-effective. This all in two solar system are composed of MONO crystalline solar panels which convert solar energy into electricity, and with built-in smart controller  and Lithium battery (10 years lifetime at 40°C constant) . Light is storing the energy produced and a lighting management system that ensures an optimised use of energy with no black out for 365 days per year. These two elements are connected by a MC4 plug , so very easy to finish the installation where it is .

It is a reliable and durable stand alone solar solution for sustainable billboard lighting , garden lighting, Car parking lighting,  garden lighting etc ,perfect in arid, tropical and temperate environments

Models & Main Spec
Model LED Type Power Lumens Solar Panel Battery(WH)

  • No maintenance requirements
  • Lighting service without black out, 365 days a year
  • Easy for connection between light and solar panel by MC4 plug.
  • Microwave sensor inside, more area covered than PIR sensor
Materials and Finish
Materials: ACD12 Aluminium die casting (100% recycled)
Finish: Double layers powder coated aluminium and PMMA reflector
Beam angle :100°(Lateral)80°(Vertical )

Installation and Mounting
Battery, smart controller are in one single steel box inside of light. HELIOS Solar LED Flood light comes with bracket with 3 holes for screws as normal flood light. User only need to connect the light to panel by the MC4 plug, then can finish the system. It can be use for billboard lighting, for wall lighting, garden lightiing ,etc. Also,can be installed on pole if with square plate.
Luminaire delivered ready as two parts: light head+panel+panel bracket to install, separately from the Auroras when delivery. More information, please contact auroras sales team.

sales@auroraslighting.com Specification IES Files Price List Introduction
Specifications are subject to change without notice
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