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How to cover the shortage of traditional all-in-one solar st

Date: 2016-04-27 15:00 Source: Auroras Innovative Technology | Read:

How to cover the shortage of traditional all-in-one solar street light?

Have you ever meet these problems like the following when selling all-in-one solar street lamps on the market?

1:No enough lighting time in the evening,only 5-6 hours,power off in the mid-night 1~3 :00,couldn't  light up to 6:00 in the early morning.

2:Only 1~2 days rainy days,can't keep long time .

3.Sometimes can't get vertical sunshine,low solar absorption rate because of the road design.

HELIOS is  born to solve these problems.

Similar advantage:

  • Solar controller and battery are built in lamp together;
  • No need to dig and bury cable underground,no need to connect 220V power from far away city;
  • No need to pay power bill every month from now on.One-time investment, life-long benefit.

New Advantage of HELIOS:

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