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Heavy airpollution attracts Solar LED lighting got on strike

Date: 2016-01-13 10:36 Source: Auroras Lighting Solution(Zhuh | Read:

In China,due to the heavy airpollution,policemen got lost on the high way.A bus driver said that he can't see clearly,spent 2 hours when normally only need 15 minutes .

The solar led street lights can't work,same the solar traffic sign light .The solar panles are not able to get enough sunshine 5-7 days ,even 10 days more cloudy.As be set initially,the solar street lights could work under 3-4 rainy days.But now,the condition changed  with PM2.5.As reported,the street lamp mangement turn on the lights 30 minutes in advance at dusk.

The government should consider this problem now,there are many broken solar wind LED street lights inside Shenzhen city busy street.These days no rain,no wind, and no sunshine,it may cause serious traffic accident.

What should the solar products manufacturers do to solve the problem? People said that solar street light should not be installed in cities any more,because heavy PM2.5 airpollution happened in big city like Beijing, Shanghai ,Guangzhou. Small town,small city or far rural areas are suitable to install solar products.

For LED lights manufacturer,we could design LED street lights with more penetrating performance power than before,like low  color temperature,2500-2800K.Higher CRI>90. Higher lights efficiency 110lm/W,lower power watt,so that it could keep longer  illuminating period.

Solar LED street lights

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