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All Questions Raised About Solar Batten Light

Date: 2017-10-11 19:35 Source: Auroras InnoTech (Guangdong) C | Read:

  Where is the battery and controller of this solar batten light?
  The battery and controller are built INSIDE of the light fixture, so it is not visible from outside.

  What kind of battery are you using and its voltage?
  We are using the lithium battery 18650 cell. battery output is 12VDC
  What is the battery lifetime? how long time can it work?
  Battery lifetime is 1000 cycles, it can be used for 3-4 years mininium if use up battery every night, but in most of conditions, we only use a small part of battery capacity every night, always 30%~70% depending on light working modes.that means 2~4 days will be a COMPLETE cycles. so we can regard the battery lifetime is 2000~3000 cycles, then we can get the lifetime is about 5~7 years theoretically.
 Can you increase/descrease the battery capacity?
 In our standard specification, this solar batten light can work 11~12 hours max with 100% power for each model. We can increase/descrease the battery as customers' requests.  For example. The battery capacity of AI-X3000 is 288WH with 24W, we can descrease to 200WH for example to get lower capaicty or increase to  366WH for high capaicty, but keep power 24W same in order to keep a same brightness.

 What kind of solar controller are you using?
 We are using high quality MPPT controller. It is specially designed developed for batten light, charging efficiency is 30% faster than PWM type. It has a very excellent performance than most controllers on market.

 What kind of sensor you use?
 Pre-considered possible application of this light, microwave (radar) sensor is the best option for this light.


 What is the induction area or distance of the microwave sensor?
 The max suggested distance is 12M with good induction performance. the sensitive angle is 180 degrees.

 Can you make special size, like 500mm or 800mm for example?  And change the power also?
 Our standard sizes are 600mm/900mm/1200mm, We can customize the length as your requests, MOQ is 50Pcs/size.

 What is IP rating? weatherproof?
 The light is IP67,It is perfect and ideal both for indoor lighting as well as indoor lighting.  Download IP67 Test Report here.

 Can i use my own solar panel in Stock, I am producing solar panel!
 Yes, of course. That is great. Our solar light can be plug into most of solar panel with voltage less than 48V, 18V is mostly prefered for higher charging efficiency.

 What kind of cables and connectors of the light?
 Normally we are using 2.5MM2 solar cable. with Universal MC4 plugs. Most solar panel on market you can find are coming with this MC4 plugs. so you can connect this solar batten light directly to solar panel. Just plug-in. no more operations.

 What is the max distance from solar panel to light?
 2.5MM2 solar cable. Distance is 15~20M, If using 4.0MM2 solar cable distance will be 30~40M, The cable from light is 1.5M.

 Can you make clear cover? I do not like the milky cover.
 Milky cover is always prefered by customers for it creates more uniform lighting distrubition and without glare.We do not have clear cover in stock. so clear cover MOQ is 3000Pcs.

 How can i turn on the light,Does it turn/off automatically?
 When finish the connection of solar panel and light ,Just push the button to turn on the lighting system. Then light will turn ON/OFF automatially when day and night time.

 How the light turn ON/OFF automaticlly?
 When day time, even on cloudy day, solar panel will generate electricity and it input to battery through the controller, When controller catch this voltage change from 0V to 7V for example. Controller will turn off the light.Contrarily, controller will turn on light.

 Can i change the lighting mode? for example, i want to lower down the power, and shorter the lighting time. 
 Yes, with our magic controller, there can be up to 72 different lighting modes Combination of 8 modes key and 9 time key. power is changeble from 0% to 100% and time is from 1hours to 12 hours. Our solar controller with remote control is a quite simple but very powerful control system.
 Did you develop this light by yourself? Is there any other manufactuer in China?
 We Auroas are the first and the unique manufactuer in China for this solar carport light ( Solar Batten Light), And we have patents registered in China mainland. Other companies are forbidden to produce same designed light. We hold the patends.

 How can i be your exclusive agent in our country?
 If there is no other customers yet from your country, If your order qty is more than 1000/2000Pcs totally. We can start to talk about exclusive agreement issue. Now we have agent in New Zealand.  UAE, etc.
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