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How to get 10W/20W/30W with 72pcs of Lumileds

Date: 2017-08-08 18:46 Source: Auroras Innovative Technology | Read:
Auroras is using 72pcs of 1W Lumileds SMD LED to get different powers, how to make this?

Model LED Type Power Lumens Solar Panel Battery(WH)
AI-U15W Philips SMD 72Pcs 15W 1900lm 18V  45W 12V 192WH
AI-U20W Philips SMD 72Pcs 20W 2800lm 18V  60W 12V 312WH
AI-U30W Philips SMD 72Pcs 30W 4200lm 18V  80W 12V 432WH
AI-U40W Philips SMD 72Pcs 40W 5100lm 18V  90W 12V 480WH
AI-U45W Philips SMD 72Pcs 45W 5600lm 18V 100W 12V 580WH
AI-U50W Philips SMD 72Pcs 50W 6800lm 18V 110W 12V 680WH

How to make it?
  1:LED Brand: Lumiled SMD 1W
  2:Specification of LED:  6V 150mA
  3:Permutation: 4Pcs LED in series connection, 18 Series in parallel connection.
  4:Power of 72pcs LED is supposed to be 72W , the voltage fixed is 24VDC  (4Pcs*6V=24V)
  5:The Current of 72W (100% brightness) is 3.0A.  The current of led board is changeable from 0A to 3A to get different watts.
  6:10W=24V x0.42A                
  7:15W=24V x 0.63A            
  8:20W=24V x 0.83A                
  9:30W=24V x 1.25A              
10:40W=24V x 1.67A    
11:50W=24V x 2.08A   (Max 3.0A)
12:Any watts is possble to get by adjust the input current via remote controller.

What is the advantage?

Higher Lumens
Normal 30w led light has 30pcs of 1W led. it will creat 3000lm on average,  Helios solar light 30W creats  more than 4000lm with 72pcs of LED.

Longer lifetime with LED
LED is working with 50% capacity of itself. it generates lower heat. enlength lifetime greatly.

More uniform lighting distribution
More led, it requests bigger LED board, it creats more uniform lighting distribution than using much less LED.

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