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What's the tricky of LED products "cabbage price"

Date: 2015-07-15 11:48 Source: Unknown | Read:
Share the secret of low price LED lights

A client sent a long list of LED lamps, he gives his own target price, we are required to fill in this factory quote EXW price, 200W LED floodlight his target price is ¥ 200, which is $ 32. Very crazy target price , is it?

In recent years, LED industry competition heating up, LED product prices decline, and even some LED lighting company launched the "cabbage price" of low-end LED products.
These relatively low-end products, domestic and foreign brands of high-end LED product prices are still high, the price formed a large gap.

So the question is, with a LED product, why their prices can vary so much? Businesses confused, consumers are confused. To this end, small series were selected in the low-end brand A and brand B end of three products, analyze their cost of production, the readers, to dispel misunderstanding.

Multi-split, multi compared to less confused and less "fooled" by the following table of data is not difficult to find, the same LED products, low-end and midrange products brand A brand B products in terms of cost price or terminal price on all there is a big gap.
Let us talk about 3WLED bulb, the cost price of the end of the brand B higher than the low-end brands A 3.38 yuan, while the market price is also higher than 4 yuan. Look where the material costs, the various components of the bulb end brand B material prices are several times the low-end brand A's.

Look 3W LED ceiling light, the cost price in the end brand B was 5.45 times that of low-end brand A and the terminal price is higher than the low-end brands as much as 15 yuan. From the material point of view, the end of the brand B stand lamp with gold wire copper beads, and low-end brands A LED down light stent is made of aluminum lamp beads, in the end brand B "Power cable", "lamp beads light board" and "shell" the cost is 6.5 times the low-end brand A, 4.4 times, 5.3 times.

Look 3WLED downlights, the cost price of the end of the brand B 14.8 yuan higher than the price of low-end brands A 3.2 yuan, the terminal price is 15 yuan higher than the low-end brands. Only from housing point of view, the end of the brand B using 7.65 yuan aluminum shell, while low-end brand A is 1.4 yuan plastic casing. In the core of power, lamp beads and other materials, the price in the end brand B is several times as much as low-end brands.

We can easily see by the low-cost LED lights products How to Make, for our customers importers, wholesale distributors, the choice of products, you can split and multi-product comparison, so as to achieve " a pretty good idea. "
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