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11 Tips view about this year 2014 June Guangzhou Frankfurt

Date: 2014-07-19 09:31 Source: Auroras Lighting | Read:
1. Big companies, such as Osram, Toshiba, Cooper lighting, don't exhibit there. While Philips don't exhibit any exciting products. 
2. The big companies from China, only few of them exhibit the new and creative products. So it's not a good idea to find new suppliers there. It might be better if you decide to meet your vendors there.
3. Many creative exporting manufacturer don't really exhibit in the fair, because of the copy problems.
4. The exhibition is explosive, it is said that the market will explode totally from this year or the next. Although many EU&US customers failed to come because of the Frankfurt and Las Vegas Lighting fair, still there are many customers from all over the world. As it is known to all, the Frankfurt lighting fair was especially popular this year. The honey points of the led lighting business will come.
5. The three forces of the manufacturer become more obvious. The center of the high-end manufacturing force is Shenzhen City. The medium-end is Jiangsu province. The low-end is Zhongshan city.
6. A few companies exhibit many kinds of aluminium profile which is used with the led strip for the hotel&casino projects, jewellery showcases, etc.
7. The panel light is widely promoted in the exhibition, the supply chain will become more and more mature, the cost will deduce very quickly. The panel light will capture a few part of the tube's market. Plus, the panel light with the white cloud&blue sky get the eyepoint of exhibition. 
8. The led bulbs&candle light which is similar to the traditional bulbs is widely exhibited, the efficiency and effect is very ideal. It will surely be the new spot of the market. 
9. The LED linear which is used for the office illumination appeared in many companies' booth.
10. The angle of the spot light(MR16, GU10) is becoming smaller and smaller, such as 8, 16, 24, 45 degree etc. 
11. Led Lights become smarter, the dimming system was widely packaged as a system in many companies' booth. 
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