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How to design the solar panel angle?

Date: 2016-05-13 16:39 Source: Auroras lighting | Read:
                                                               Instruction of Solar Panel Installation Inclination Angle
Many people don’t know how to design the angle when installing the solar LED street lights, also they don’t know which is the best  direction of the solar panel.
Here we would like to list some tips for your installation job:
(For instance we are in South China Guangdong Province Zhuhai City)
1. The solar panel should should be installed to south, because China is located in the Northern Hemisphere .And the angle is  the Zhuhai City latitude. The solar panel is installed on the top of the pole.

Angle of inclination . 
In order to make the sunshine  irratiate vertically on the panel,please install the solar panel with a angle of inclination with horizontal plane. 
When the solar panel aborsorb  max energy, it is the best angle.
As we know on the astronomy, the earth moves all the time, the angle also must change according to different time or season.
Inclination=90°-elevating angle(elevation)
Photo12 Solar panel and angle
(2)Our earth moves ,and the sunshine angel periodical change, theoretically the solar panel angle should also change ,but it would be much more expensive to add a tracker on the pole.
On the other hand, street lights is a kind of landscape for the city beauty, the solar panel angle should be the same to keep in order. But the roads may change direction, if the solar panel is put  horizontally, the solar panel output rate would reduce about 15%.The solar panel price is high ,so we need to consider the advantage rule.
For beauty and energy saving option, most of the time we choose energy saving solution.
For  example, Our factory Auroras Innovative Technology is located in Zhuhai City latitude : 22.306241879613985, We should install the solar panel angle to 22 degree south.
Installation and heat island effect.
A single piece of solar panel can’t  be installed and use,we all know.We mustinstall solar cells.The solar Module is assembled by several pieces of solar panel.During the solar cells working time,if one piece of  solar panel is covered by something ,like bird,leaves etc.The covered solar panel would be too hot to damage due to high temperature in the sun.This is called heat island effect.
How to avoid the heat island effects? 
Usually we set the solar panel an angle of inclination, so the leaves can’t  stick on the solar panel, also we would install a driving bird device to make sure t he solar panel wouldn’t be covered .
 Any other questions ,you are warmly welcome to contact us for help and discussion.
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