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MR.AURORAS attended the 19th 2014 Guangzhou Lighting Fair

Date: 2014-06-25 11:44 Source: Auroras Lighting | Read:
   On this June9~12 Guangzhou Frankfurt International Lighting Fair,Auroras Lighting COB LED down light fixture,LED grid light and LED high bay light attracted the attention of many customers at home and abroad,stopped ,and ccme to see our samples.
    Especially,Auroras Lighting STR series LED down light are warmly welcome due to its precise elegant appearance, humanity radiator design,no hurt to our hands.
    It was designed 103mm Diameter size,with wide range 75mm~95mm cut hole size,very flexible for the electrican installation work,suitable for the market taste.Lots of customers brought our samples,took photos,left their namecard ,asked for detailed  specification,price,LED chip brand,driver,warranty,lead time etc,Got our paper catalogue also.
    In addition,The LED high bay light produced by Auroras Lighting,because of its economyc price,with MEANWELL driver,and Bridgelux 45mil,keep good quality and favorible price.We not only pay attention on price,but also the quality.
Long relationship cooperation is what Auroras Lighting chasing.Our customers love this style very much.
    We have a standard towards the LED high bay light radiator,including the net weight,the height,the appearance.
We must weight the radiator every time as soon as we got the material,in case some guys send us bad quality LED lighting radiator. 
    For LED driver,we suggest customers choose MEANWELL driver to keep the LED warehouse lights long lifespan.
    Mentioned the confused  price and quality on LED market,We Auroras Lighting insist on good quality and proper price for our LED lighting agents,importers. Our position is ,quality much better than Zhongshan City factories.Same as Shenzhen City,even better.Price lower than Shenzhen City manufacturers.Your best choice in LED lighting business.

(on June Guangzhou International Lighting Fair,Auroras Lighting products were loved by customers)  
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