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Date: 2016-03-22 11:48 Source: Auroras lighting | Read:
Why people turn All-in-one design to our HELIOS design now?
Here is the truth.
A experienced solar lighting design specialist wrote an article on linkedin about the truth of solar all-in-one design.

He said:

Each day I get emails from Chinese “manufacturers” about these revolutionary products. But are they all that revolutionary?
Case in point is one I got this week. On the surface it looks very good BUT, scratch that surface and the reality hits home.
It is not designed to operate all night as a street light, although that is what it is called.  The standard programming only allows for 1 hour at 100% output.
  For the rest of the night it runs at lower and lower levels  with the length of night base at 10 to 12 hours.  It then requires 6 hours of full sun to recharge,
which it may do in summer in full sun but, analyze the operation over a year and the story is very different. In mid- winter if there are just 2 “rainy days”
the battery will be totally flat and this is one issue with many of these cheaper systems. They are designed as a one size fits all solution, something we all know does not work. 

Due to the solar panel size limit, HELIOS Solar Two-part LED street light was born
HELIO Solar LED street lights design the solar controller and Li battery inside lamp,easier to install than troditional street light,no need to bury wire or cable
But the solar panel is isolated,so that you can double size the solar panel than all-in-one,get enough solar energy during the daytime,the LED lamp will light up longer time.
At least 3-4 days rainy day.
At the same time as we know,the solar panel and sunshine on the 
perpendicular line will have the best effiency,so you can adjust the panel angle according to the sun.
Welcome to send us inquiry if you also fall in love our HELIOS design .
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