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LED lighting quality problem discussion

LED lighting quality is a long time issue for LED lighting manufacturer and LED lighting importers.Here we find some true stories on linkedin LED lighting group.
The discussion topic:

Mr.C said:I had a bad experience with MR.A from B company. I advise not to do business with them.

As the old Chinese old saying goes:For evil news rides fast, while good news baits later.
Many bad quality LED lighting victims come out to share their experiences:

The followers said:Hi Mr.C,thanks for sharing but I suggest you to share their full details with company name, location, website, email and phone numbers. 
Mr.C submitted right away: I am glad members of this group noticed this thread, maybe if we all share information as such, it will slowly diminish the number of low style salesmen, looking to make a Dollar and disappear. 
So this was the first company I ordered goods from (a sample order for a few thousand Dollars). I paid dearly to understand how this trading thing goes. 
The sales man there, MR.A, was full of promises. He also sold me goods not made by the company he worked at, to get commission of course, but did not reveal that. I found out afterwards myself. Later he went to work for the other company he shipped me their goods from. 
In fact, what I got was rubbish goods. Among many items, I also got IP65 strips that cracked, LED panels with strange working voltage (40v), etc. 
I did manage to sell some of the goods, but some I simply had to throw away (not worth sending back). Of course MR.A was full of excuses. 
Now, still within the promised warranty period, as I got failed 60w Corn lights, they won't send replacement, or refund the money. 
Other than MR.A, who still works there, The involved companies are: (the following is the company contact information)

Their sales were done through a company named "B, "
Maybe a new LinkedIn group should be set up, making a blacklist of poor suppliers.

Another guy added:I had a bad experience with a Chines manufacture, through a group and I paid a lot of money for led's that were never shipped to me. Also one in the USA that did the same thing. Maybe we need to list all of them.

A guy from Spain said his story lost when choosing a LED lighting supplier::D company sold us a few hundred lengths Festive LED Tree lights that failed during installation (fell apart). It took several months to get compensation. They also wouldn't reproduce the product... probably because they knew it would fail again. We were able to convince them to send the funds to another Asian company which we were buying from. Keep that in mind. We've done that a few times. 

F company also sold us underwater LED lights with an "additional" (at a extra cost) 3 year warranty. After experiencing a few minor problems with the product they decided to return the "additional" amount and de-rated their warranty to 1 year. Again returning funds directly to us was an issue... redirected to another Asian factory worked. 

I agree that starting a list with comments might be good to help protect North Americans including Canadians. Hopefully that would improve standards. As you know LED has been bashed pretty heavily with false claims. 

As a LED lighting manufacturer ,we Auroras Lighting  also need to choose LED material suppliers,a company attitude customers,is the company boss character and the company management system.
Some factories have good products,but not so considerate service.They do not care about sample orders and small customers,not so careful about our orders.bad material quality,bad package,bad leadtime, lie to us all the time.We will cut this kind of supplier right away.

They only do once-for-all deal,they don't care about long relationship.talking big 3~5years warranty,but when some broken LED lights happened ,they provide no after-service,or ask you to ship the damanged LED lamp back to China,or else,they will not do any after service for you.

So if you are choosing a new supplier,please take care to know the company management,the company boss.
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