Solar Controller is the most important unit amount the all the components of solar lights. Concerning that, Auroras has been cooperating with the the best quality solar controllers in China based on On the basis of strategy. Auroras provides 3 years warranty for all the controllers.

What's MPPT Controller?

Standing for "Maximum Power Point Tracking", MPPT is an advanced charging method. The MPPT controller can keep monitoring the solar panel's generating power and tracking the highest voltage and current values (VI), enabling the system to charge the battery in optimum efficiency. Compared with conventional PWM controllers, the MPPT controller can make the most of the solar panel's max. power and therefore provide larger charging current. Generally speaking the latter can raise the energy utilization ratio by 15% to 20% in contrast with the former.

As the solar panel's peak voltage (Vpp) is approximately 17V while the battery's voltage is around 12V, when charging with a conventional charge controller, the solar panel's voltage will stay at around 12V, failing to deliver the maximum power. However, the MPPT controller can overcome the problem by adjusting the solar panel's input voltage and current in real time, realizing a maximum input power.Meanwhile, due to changing ambient temperature and illumination conditions, the max. power point varies frequently, and the MPPT controller adjusts parameter settings according to the environmental conditions in real time.....(Read more)

Remote Control Set

All of the solar lights provided by auroras are allowed to be adjusted 
easily by remote control.  With this solution customers can change the
lighting brightness and lighting powers as projects require, 
It can set lights work with or without remote control. 
One remote control can be used for hundreds pcs of solar lights during installation. 
More information, please contact our sales team.

Cree / Philips LED Technology

Our range of solar LED lights heads  all adopt ‘CREE’ LED chips or PHILIPS LED chips which provide industry leading ‘bright & crisp’ illumination for 50,000 hours and beyond. The chips are highly efficient and powerful enough to meet the most demanding design requirements while offering superior illumination for a wide range of applications.

Auroras in development with Cree / Philips has getting higher lumens more than 160lm/W with new created LED lens, providing greater luminous uniformity and offering the ultimate in design flexibility. The beam pattern is perfect for laneways, pedestrian promenades, bicycle paths as well as minor roads and Carparks. With 2018 new model THOR series. Auroras is capable to use THOR for the high-end projects which covers wider road, like express way / high-speed way or square lighting etc.  As an added service, Auroras also has its own lighting design team that to help customers to simulate the effect with a proper light model. It can work out the calculation of lighting levels and photo-metric reports etc. This will ensure that the correct quantity of light fixture, pole heights and spacings are offered for our customers specific needs.

Motion Sensor is playing an important role of solar lights, especially in order to save energy in the areas where sunshine is not strong or solar panel is not big enough to support the light head consumption every night. Auroras adopts best performanced microwave sensor for all of solar lights including solar batten light. It covers more sensitive angle and longer distance. better than PIR sensor. it detects movement within several metres of the unit and automatically regulates the output ofthe LED lamp from a ‘dim mode’ to ‘full-brightness’ once the sensor is detected; This smart feature preserves battery power as well as increases passive security around the lights.(PIR sensor is optional)



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