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emergency solar led batten light kit with usb charge
  • emergency solar led batten light kit with usb charge
  • solar led batten light kit
  • solar light kit with usb charge
  • solar led tube light for emergency lighting
  • portable solar light with usb to charge mobile
  • solar light portable for emergency lighting

24W Solar LED Lighting Kit

24W Solar LED Batten Lighting Kit is an poineering model with high brightness output and big battery built in.  There are 3 ways to control the light, remote controller + button on light, and an extention cable for wall switch. OEM order is welcomed

LED Peak Power 24W
Luminous Flux(lm) 2,400lm
Battery Capacity 3.7V 24AH
Solar Panel 6V 18W
USB Output 5V 1Pcs
Extension Switch Cable 4M

Solar LED batten light  kit is a pioneering model, when compared with the normal solar powered tube lights, and is widely used in many applications, such as office, home, garage, caravan, carports, bus stations, warehouses, camping tents, farm tents, sidewalks & alleyways, emergency camps, aid tents, caves, or many kinds of temporary or permanent accommodation structures, etc.   Solar LED batten light is a kit that contains everything - rechargeable lithium battery, solar controller, and solar panel. Easy installation in less than 5 minutes; you just need to plug solar panel into the light by DC connector.  It provides a high brightness level over a long period of time, continuous lighting output, and in-built PIR sensor to save power if sunshine is not strong enough.

This solar LED batten light also supports working during day time while being charged- under manual operation. By programming the remote control, you can increase or decrease the brightness as you wish;  there are 2, 4 and 6 hour settings available.  Selection of 3 lighting modes is possible with manual selection, and brightness and time can be set easily by the remote control.
One 5V USB output is included to charge a mobile phone, or similar device. What's more, an external switch is allowed to be connected to this light via a DC port.  The ON / OFF and brightness can be operated by hand just like the traditional lights. This is a very useful advantage for the applications that require lighting operations to be controlled locally or manually rather than centrally or automatic.  It is a perfect lighting solution for remote areas, that lack either power or fixed lighting.

Model LED Power Luminous Flux(lm)
Color Temperature  Battery Solar Panel PIR Sensor USB Output Switch Cable    
E360 12W >1,200lm
6000K±300K 3.7V /12AH 
6V 10W
Yes 5V 1A 1pcs 4 Meters
E600 24W >2,400lm
3.7V /24AH 
6V 18W
5V 1A 1pcs
4 Meters

Size of Light

Solar led light kit normally comes with netural color box without LOGO is the standard packing, it is an good impression to have a good looking performance on the package as well as a good quality light.  When order quantity is 500pcs as MOQ, We can put your LOGO on this solar light box for free.





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