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Integrated All In One Solar Street Light
  • Integrated All In One Solar Street Light
  • All In One Solar Motion Street Light
  • Solar Outdoor Light
  • Solar Powerful LED Lamp
  •  50W/60W Solar Carpark Light

50W/60W Solar Pole Light for Express Way

High power models adopt 90pcs brighter Philips LED chips and maximum 7200lm. Recommend to amount on 6-9M pole / 25-45M distance for 8-15M width road.  For more solar lights models, please click: Solar Pole Lights

Rated Power 50W 60W
LED Chips 90LEDs 90LEDs
Luminous Flux(lm) 6200lm 7200lm
Solar Panel 90W 120W
Battery 548WH 635WH
Helios Solar LED Street Light15 | 20 | 30 | 40 | 50 | 60 Watts

Helios Series - Integrated Solar Street Light is the original patented design with streamlined appearance, which combined brgihter Philips LED source, extreme efficient Mono solar panel, intelligent programable MPPT controller, long lifespan of lithium battery, 'Smart Eye' motion sensor and full-angle adjustable bracket to All In One. Integrated design, module structure and plugging connection make easier to install, maintain and save budget.

Helios Series possess Type II illumination shape like bat wing beam which is more suitable for applying to road, way, lane, walkpath. You can witness the better uniformity without dark area and up to 12 hours 100% continuous lighting.

MR.AURORAS revolution in solar street light
Light Head
  • Up to 7,200 lumens light output.
  • 15 Watts and 60 Watts variance.
  • High efficiency of 150 lumen per watt.
  • IP 67 aluminium die-cast casing and certified IK08 standard.
  • Vandal-resistant build.
  • Smart communication integration.
  • Suitable for high mast applications up to 14m pole height.
Battery Bank
  • Integrated lithium battery bank with more than 3000 cycles.
  • 12 hours 100 % brightness working with automatic dusk to dawn operation.
  • Maximum capacity of 680WH.
Smart MPPT Solar Controller
  • Customized working mode for dimming and working hours.
  • Advanced metering remote control options.
  • Easy setting up functions in remote control-optional.
Solar Panel
  • Helios by auroras is equipped to connect solar panel up to 180 watts.
  • High efficiency design; 20% efficiency.
  • External solar panel make the system for any geographical conditions and scalablility of the panel size to meet low irradiance project locations.
Model NO. AI-U15W AI-U20W AI-U30W AI-U40W AI-U50W AI-U60W AI-U15W-L AI-U20W-L AI-U30W-L
Rated Power 15W 20W 30W 40W 50W 60W 15W 20W 30W
Luminous Flux(lm) 2,200lm(6000k) 2,800lm(6000k) 3,600lm(6000k) 5,200lm(6000k) 6,200lm(6000k) 7,200lm(6000k) 2,200lm(6000k) 2,800lm(6000k) 3,600lm(6000k)
Beam Angle 140°*70° 140°*70° 140°*70° 140°*70° 140°*70° 140°*70° 140°*70° 140°*70° 140°*70°
Li-Lion Battery 195WH 12V 293WH 12V 391WH 12V 488WH 12V 548WH 12V 635WH 12V 154WH 12.8V 230WH 12.8V 307WH 12.8V
Solar Panel 18V 40W 18V 50W 18V 60W 18V 70W 18V 100W 18V 110W 18V 40W 18V 60W 18V 80W
Charge Time 5 Hours 5 Hours 5 Hours 5 Hours 5 Hours 5 Hours 4 Hours 4 Hours 4 Hours
Pole Height 3m~4m 3m~5m 3m~6m 3m~8m 3m~8m 3m~8m 3m~4m 3m~5m 3m~6m
Warranty 2 Years 2 Years 2 Years 2 Years 2 Years 2 Years 2 Years 2 Years 2 Years
Lithium Battery Pack High temperature resistant,up to 2000 cycles lifetime.Smart BMS protection
Motion Sensor Optional Sensor is optional in case of detection function for security use or to save energy
MPPT Solar Controller Higher chagring efficiency than PWM controllers,Ensuring enough power generated for every night
High Quality Solar Cable Durable and long lifetime of solar cable.Less power will be lost than using small cable.Max 40M from light to solar panel.
Philips SMD LED Source More LEDs is used,drived with lower current,achieving more than 150lm/w.High efficiency than normal solar lights
Switch Button Aluminium material,anti-UV & Oxidation
Description of this Application
Description of this Application
Description of this Application
Description of this Application
Description of this Application

You may ask

  • 1.What is the lifetime of battery of helios or thor solar street light?

    As we know the lifetime of battery is limited as of our mobile. If battery is full charged, and you use it few times one day, then you only need to charge it again after two days. If you use it a lot, then you have to charge it one day or sooner. For Auroras's products, all battrey normally used for helios and thor series al in one solar led street light are NCM battery with lifetime up to 1000 cycles.     If you use 1 cycle one day, then the light will work well for 3 years without lighting performance compromised.   If we only use 50% of battery capcity, for example 30AH 12V (360WH), every day we only use 15AH 12V ( 130WH), then the light is supposed to work in good condition with a much longer lifetime up to 5~6 years.
  • 2.Can the the battery capacity increased?

    The max power of battery for THOR is 2160WH with NCM battery and 680WH battery for HELIOS. ( Until 2019.06.01). If you like to use 20W solar street light , but you think 24AH 12V battery is not big enough, then we can use 40AH 12V or 50AH 12V as big as you need. In this way, the biggest advantages of using bigger battery is the lifetime of light will be much extended for more years. And it will have a much better battery autonomy. It can work well  continuesly in rainy days.  This is same for all solar led street light and solar batten lights.
  • 3.Can i change the lighting program of solar street light even it is installed on pole?

    Yes, There is a remote available. With this remote, you can customize the lighting program as you need. Our default setting is 4 hours 100%+ 4 hours 50%+ 4 hours 30%, If you like to use 50% power only for whole night, then you can easily change it by remote. Any kind of lighting program is possible, Please contact our sales team or technical support for more guide if you need.
  • 4.Can i only purchase your solar light head only without solar panel

    Yes, The biggest advantage of Auroras's products is : FLEXIBLE.  We are happy to provide you light head only, and you can use your own solar panel in stock or source it from your local market. While important notice : Please use solar panel with right voltage, HELIOS series solar street light need 18V input, and THOR series high power all in one solar street light for express way is 36V system.  If you use 18V solar panel to charge THOR series, it will not work.
  • 5.What is your MOQ? Solar street lights or solar batten light?

    Auroras is a running well factory and every day there are thousands pcs of all kind of solar lights are produced, And normally there are materials ready in stock for hundreds pcs. So we never set a MOQ requirement for any models of lights. So you can start to try our quality easily. For samples order, we normally only need 1~3 days depends on your quantity and type of products. 
  • 6.Do you provide OEM service

    Yes, Auroras believe the fastest and the most efficienct way is to cooperate with all greatest customers based OEM business. With that Auroras is able to provide a good products under the customers' reputation which is impossible to be build up with short time.   So Auroras prefer to use your ready marketing channels and just let auroras's products running there. OEM are welcomed. :)



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